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28/410 Natural PE Future Pump with White Locking Ring, Diptube 242mm FBOG

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Product Code: 280NFPWLR-242

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Colour: Natural
Other: Locking ring
Closure type: Treatment Pump
Neck size: 28/410
Material: PE
Availability: Continuous stock

100% Recyclable.

Introducing the mono-material, fully recyclable & e-commerce capable pump.

The 28/410 Natural Future pump combines the best eco-design principles with cutting-edge innovation.

The pump has a discrete internal mechanism, only the diptube is visible making it ideal for transparent bottles and providing a sleek, elegant design.

An easy-to-use pump, its incorporated on/off ring with a 360° degree rotator, is an innovative locking system which opens or locks the pump as well as rotates to freely orient the actuator.

The design means that Future is compliant with the Ista-6 protocol, reassuring brands that their product can withstand the risks associated with distribution networks.

The pump is suitable for a range of product viscosities including body care, hair care and baby care across the personal care and home care markets.

The actuator, collar and locking ring can be customised in different colours however full customisation and bespoke colours are also available on request.

Also available in the range: 24/410 White (240WFPWLR-242) and 28/410 White (280WFPWLR-242) Future Pumps.

£250 minimum order value, excluding carriage and VAT.