The 'it' colour
18 August, 2022 by
BlueSky, Laura Grant

We love to excite you with the new trending visual possibilities for your packaging.  Greige is an ‘it’ colour, having laid its roots in home decoration, it’s not budging, and we are here for it!

The subtle, soft, classy, earthy hues are perfect for personal care, skincare and home care ranges.  It’s a colour that traverses the modern and traditional, making it ultra-adaptable.

The influence is everywhere

"Griege became the colour everyone wants...interior decor, fashion and now beauty - no industry, it seems, is immune to the allure of greige." - Cosmetics Business, 9th August 2022.[1]


Infinitely recyclable with striking visual and tactile appeal.  Greige aluminum bottles will entice your customers, not only for their look but also for the practicality of being able to refill, reuse and recycle the bottles.  Ideal for liquid and powder formulations across the skin, hair, personal care, and home care categories.  They are a perfect match with pouches for refill.

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[1] Cosmetics Business, ‘How greige became the colour everyone wants’, 9th August 2022 -

BlueSky, Laura Grant 18 August, 2022
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